All orders are handled every working day. If you order and pay until 12:00 PM, your package will be sent the same day.
If the order is paid later, we will send the package out the next working day.

Delivery time

Ordered goods are shipped by DPD carriers.
All goods are shipped and delivered to all countries of EU within 3 to 5 working days (it really depends on the specific country).
Keep in mind that if your order is really big and is sent not in packages but on pallets, then the shipping and handling time might be longer.

Delivery cost

Any package of any size (up tp 31 kg.) costs:

Poland: 10,99 eur
Estonia: 10.99 eur
Latvia: 10.99 eur
Lithuania: 10.99 eur
Belgium: 14,99 eur
Czech Republic: 14,99 eur
Germany : 14,99 eur
Luxemburg : 14,99 eur
Netherlands : 14,99 eur
Slovakia : 14,99 eur
Austria : 17,99 eur
Denmark : 17,99 eur
Hungary : 17,99 eur
Finland : 19,99 eur
France : 19,99 eur
Ireland : 19,99 eur
Slovenia : 19,99 eur
Sweden : 19,99 eur
Italy : 24,99 eur
Portugal : 24,99 eur
Spain: 24,99 eur
Bulgaria: 31 eur
Great Britain: 31 eur

If your order is very small, there always is an opportunity to ship it cheaper or for free.

We always ship the packages only after the fee is received and approved.

If you wish, you can always send your transport to pick up your goods from our warehouse.