Durex Elite (Sensitivo) 144 pcs


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Durex Elite 144 pcs pack – these condoms have increased lubrication for maximum sensitivity. They are made of very fine and thinner latex, which retains the advantages of very high condom safety and perfect sensitivity. The latest improved Durex Elite Intimate Feel model, is manufactured according to the new Durex standard, which provides even higher protection against ejaculate leakage and more comfortable and sensitive use. Durex Elite (Sensitivo) 144 pcs wholesale packing has a warranty period 3-5 years from the date of purchase. More information in the detailed description below or write us a message. Convenient and economical pack of 144 Durex Elite (Sensitivo) condoms will save you not only money, but also your precious time. Durex Elite wholesale condoms are available in packs of 144 units, a noteworthy choice.