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Durex Mutual Pleasure 16 pcs condoms pack: Elevating Pleasure in Bulk

Elevate Pleasure with Wholesale Choices: Buy at Wholesale Price and Large Quantity

Experience the pinnacle of pleasure with Durex Mutual Pleasure Condoms, available in a convenient bulk pack of 16 pcs. These condoms are specially designed to ignite passion and intensify sensations for both partners. With their ribbed and dotted texture, these condoms are perfect for those seeking mutual pleasure and prolonged ecstasy. Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your intimate moments – buy at wholesale price and ensure you have a generous supply for unforgettable encounters.

A Pleasure-Packed Experience: Unveiling Durex Mutual Pleasure Condoms

Durex Mutual Pleasure Condoms offer a unique blend of features that take pleasure to new heights:

  • Ribbed and Dotted Texture: The ribbed and dotted texture of these condoms adds an extra layer of stimulation and sensation for both partners, creating an electrifying experience that enhances mutual pleasure.

  • Specially Lubricated: These condoms are coated with a special lubricant that not only ensures smooth gliding but also contributes to delaying male ejaculation, allowing for longer-lasting enjoyment.

  • Enhanced Orgasm: The stimulating design of these condoms isn’t just about the wearer’s experience – it’s about mutual pleasure. The heightened texture aims to intensify sensations, contributing to more satisfying orgasms for both partners.

Designed for Maximum Comfort: A Perfect Fit for Pleasure

Durex Mutual Pleasure Condoms offer more than just pleasure; they prioritize comfort too:

  • Natural Rubber Latex: Crafted from clear, natural rubber latex, these condoms provide a comfortable fit that doesn’t compromise on safety or sensitivity.

  • Standard Size: These condoms come in a standard size, ensuring a snug and secure fit for a variety of users.

  • Easy Application: Putting on these condoms is a breeze, allowing you to focus on the pleasure ahead without any interruptions.

  • Reservoir Tip: The presence of a reservoir tip ensures safe usage by collecting semen, minimizing the risk of spillage or discomfort.

Enhance Pleasure with Benzocaine: The Secret to Prolonged Passion

Durex Mutual Pleasure Condoms are enhanced with a unique feature:

  • Benzocaine Infusion: The inner side of these condoms is coated with a benzocaine 5% cream. Benzocaine acts as a mild desensitizer, helping to delay ejaculation and prolong the experience of pleasure for both partners.

Wholesale Pleasure for Unforgettable Moments: Buy Now

Maximize your pleasure potential by purchasing Durex Mutual Pleasure Condoms at wholesale price and in bulk quantities. Don’t let anything hold you back from indulging in mutual pleasure and creating lasting memories of ecstasy. With 16 units in each pack, you’ll have the tools you need to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Elevate your intimacy with Durex Mutual Pleasure Condoms – where passion, sensation, and prolonged pleasure intersect for a truly unforgettable encounter. Don’t miss the chance to buy at wholesale price and unlock the realm of mutual pleasure that awaits you.

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