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Introducing the Durex Surprise Me 40 pcs., the ultimate choice for those who crave variety and excitement in their intimate moments. This pack is carefully curated to bring diversity to your experiences, ensuring that each encounter is a new adventure. With 40 pieces of pleasure in one bulk pack, this mix is perfect for wholesale retailers, promising your customers a delightful surprise every time.

Explore a World of Sensations: Durex Surprise Me 40 pcs. condoms pack offers an assortment of textures, flavors, and sensations. From ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation to flavored varieties that tantalize the taste buds, this pack is designed to cater to every desire and preference. Discover new heights of pleasure with each encounter.

Crafted from high-quality latex and rigorously tested, each condom in this pack guarantees maximum safety without compromising on pleasure. Durex is a trusted name, ensuring your customers can enjoy their intimate moments with confidence. Whether your customers are in the mood for something adventurous or seeking a little extra excitement, the Surprise Me Mix has them covered. From tingling sensations to delightful flavors, this pack ensures that there’s always something new to try, making every night special.

Bulk Purchase, Wholesome Pleasure: ideal for wholesale buyers, this bulk pack of 40 pieces allows retailers to provide their customers with a variety of options. Buying in bulk not only ensures a cost-effective purchase but also means your store is always stocked with an exciting array of choices for your customers. Bulk packaging for a low wholesale price.

Durex Surprise Mix 40 pcs. condom set includes:

  • 10x Sensitive (Thin Feel) – very Fine for better feeling. Nominal Width: 56mm
  • 10x Extra Safe – hicker condoms for even greater safety. Nominal Width: 56mm
  • 10x Pleasure Me – with exciting ribs and dots. Nominal Width: 56mm
  • 10x Tickle Me – uniquely placed ribs. Nominal Width: 53mm

Note: condoms are designed for single-use only. Always read and follow the instructions provided with the product for optimal safety and pleasure.

Embrace the excitement of the unknown with Durex Surprise Me Mix 40 pcs. Elevate your customers’ intimate experiences, offering them a variety pack that promises surprise, pleasure, and endless delight. Order in bulk today and let the adventure in intimacy begin!

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