EXS Delay Endurance 144 pcs.


21.45+ VAT


EXS Delay Endurance 144 pcs. bulk pack condoms were designed to allow both partners to reach orgasm at the same time. The outer walls of the guard have special protruding dots and diamonds that stimulate the female clitoris and other hottest and most sensitive areas, and the inner side of the condom is smeared with a special 1% lidocaine hydrochloride ointment, which acts as a mild anesthetic, making the penis less sensitive and intercourse can be lenghten to up to 30 minutes. longer. Benzocaine is a safe active ingredient often used in the manufacture of delayers and condoms for men suffering from premature ejaculation. In very rare cases, side effects such as slight redness or tenderness may occur. The attractive price of EXS Delay Endurance condoms , excellent safety features and exclusive design are all that is needed for the act of love to last longer and for both partners to have a happy ending. In our e-shop, EXS Delay condoms are cheaper than in other outlets, because we buy all the original products directly from the manufacturers, so we can offer friendlier prices for the wallet. Cheap EXS Delay Endurance wholesale condoms online – for a passionate night that will be remembered for a long time.