LifeStyles condoms

The Lifestyles brand was created in the United States in the 1970s. Due to the constant investment in advanced technology and the desire to understand the needs of the user, cheap Lifestyles condoms quickly became popular in America, Australia and later in Europe. Today, these condoms are the second most popular in the world and are second only to Durex condoms. Lifestyles (Mates) condoms have earned such popularity for their reliability and comfort. Condoms are made of strong and thin latex, so there is no reduction in stimulation or pleasure during intercourse. Why Mates? One can put an equal sign between Mates and Lifestyles because they are the same wholesale condoms, only for different countries. In the UK, Lifestyles wholesale condoms are advertised as Mates, in Germany as Manix and so on. With us, Lifestyles (Mates) wholesale condoms are cheaper than at pharmacies, sex shops or supermarkets, because we get all the original products directly from the manufacturer and sell the condoms in bulk, so we can offer a great price-quality ratio. Attractive Lifestyles caretakers price, wide range, fast delivery and complete confidentiality are guaranteed. For those who want to try different types of condoms, we offer condom sets that will provide an exceptional experience. Lifestyles condoms online – an attractive price for maximum pleasure!

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