Lifestyle Max Love 3 pcs. box condoms




Lifestyles Max Love: Elevate Pleasure and Extend Intimacy

Discover the ultimate in pleasure and safety with Lifestyles Max Love condoms, thoughtfully packaged in a convenient 3-piece box. These high-quality condoms are specially designed to enhance your intimate experiences, allowing you to enjoy extended pleasure without compromising on security. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Lifestyles Max Love condoms offer a combination of comfort, sensitivity, and safety.

Wholesale Convenience: Take advantage of the benefits of purchasing Lifestyles Max Love condoms at wholesale price, ensuring that you’re always prepared for moments of intimacy.

Maximize Pleasure: Lifestyles Max Love condoms are a gateway to heightened pleasure and prolonged intimacy, thanks to the 4.5% Benzocaine ointment applied on the inside. Experience longer-lasting, deeply satisfying encounters.

Sensational Sensitivity: These condoms offer heightened sensitivity due to their thinner construction, allowing you to feel every sensation during intimate moments. You can indulge in natural and authentic experiences while maintaining the highest level of security.

Safety First: Rest assured with the high level of safety provided by Lifestyles Max Love condoms. These condoms adhere to rigorous safety and quality standards, ensuring reliable protection against both unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

User-Friendly Design: Lifestyles Max Love condoms are crafted for ease of use. With a pre-lubricated formula, they are effortless to put on, allowing you to focus on the experience and connection with your partner.

Convenient Packaging: Packaged in a 3-piece box, Lifestyles Max Love condoms offer the convenience of having the perfect guards at hand whenever the mood strikes.

Benzocaine Inside: Experience the benefits of Benzocaine, a gentle ointment that is applied inside these condoms, helping to delay male ejaculation and extend the pleasure of intimacy.

Enhanced Comfort: Designed with your comfort in mind, Lifestyles Max Love condoms ensure a secure fit that maximizes pleasure without compromising on safety.

Experience Natural Feel: Embrace the natural feel of Lifestyles Max Love condoms, designed to provide an authentic and intimate experience with your partner.

Bulk Assurance: Invest in your pleasure and safety by purchasing Lifestyles Max Love condoms at wholesale price. With the assurance of quantity, you’ll always be ready for memorable moments.

Quality Matters: Lifestyles Max Love condoms are synonymous with exceptional quality, providing you with a trusted choice for safe and satisfying encounters.

Stay Prepared: With a 3-piece package, Lifestyles Max Love condoms offer the right quantity for a variety of intimate occasions, ensuring you’re always prepared.