Lubricants are a tool needed for more intense love games and stronger pleasure. This tool is also necessary when using a variety of sex toys to eliminate unpleasant, relationship-damaging vaginal dryness. Lubricants online – a quick, convenient and economical choice. We offer a wide range of these moisturizers – you have to choose.

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Why a lubricant from a wholesaler?

Doubting the need for a lubricant? And why should you buy them in bulk?  Here are some important reasons to buy and try it:

  • One of the most common causes of condom rupture is a lack of lubricant or natural moisture. The use of lubricant ensures safer, smoother friction, thus significantly reducing the risk of condom damage.
  • Lubricants for women are also recommended for use during sexual intercourse during pregnancy, after menopause. During these periods, the balance of female hormones changes, so vaginal dryness can occur.
  • Lack of natural moisture and a complicated arousal process can cause a partner pain, great discomfort. This problem is easily solved by using a few drops of the right lubricant.
  • Ignoring the problem of vaginal dryness can lead to infections and painful damage to the mucous membranes, so sex will no longer be a pleasure.
  • If you use sex toys, a lubricant is also a necessary tool. It helps prevent pain and unpleasant stimulation. This tool is especially needed when using anal toys.

How to choose the most suitable?

Lubricants wholesale online mean more choice and an attractive price. However, choosing the right tool from a wide range can be difficult. In the catalog you will find several main types of lubricants – anal, silicone and vaginal. You can also take the opportunity to purchase a sample – a practical choice if you want to try a new type of lubricant. The section presents lubricants of different brands – Durex, Pasante, Aquaglide, Pjur. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the right one for you.

Water or silicone-based lubricants for women can be used in conjunction with condoms. For those who prefer a condom-free intercourse, oil-based moisturizers are recommended. They can also be used for intimate massages.

Consider what purpose the lubricant is needed for. To diversify sexual life, we offer to try lubricants supplemented with flavors and aromas. In our wholesale catalog you will find chocolate, banana, strawberry, cherry flavors and aromas, as well as warming and relaxing lubricants.

Lubricants are usually divided into three groups: vaginal, anal and oral. Their ingredient, ingredients and concentrate are very different, so you need to know what kind of sex you are choosing and buying a lubricant. The quality of love and the pleasure you experience will depend on it.

If you buy lubricants from us in bulk, we will deliver the lubricants ordered in the wholesale store to your door or to another place specified by you. We guarantee confidentiality and attractive prices. Don’t let your sex life get hot – bring your passion back, experiment with flavors, smells and experience unforgettable pleasure.