My.Size PRO condoms

The standard size of a condom is definitely not suitable for all men: for some they press, for others it is too short or too long, so size matters. The German wholesale condom manufacturer R&S Consumer Goods, which created the condom line My.Size PRO, which focuses on condoms of different sizes, also thought about it. This line of guards offers as many as 7 different sizes of condoms: 47, 49, 53, 57, 60, 64 and 69 mm, so everyone will find the right size for them. Cheap My.Size PRO condoms – not only comfort, but also high quality. These condoms are made of thin and strong latex, so they do not reduce pleasure during intercourse and reliably protect against unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. My.Size wholesale condoms cautiously online – fast and convenient shopping. With us, My.Size condoms are cheaper because we buy original products at competitive prices directly from the manufacturer. The attractive price of My.Size PRO condoms, a wide range and the possibility to buy condom sets will help everyone to choose the right size condom for maximum pleasure.

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