Want to tempt your partner to dive into a sea of intoxicating ecstasy? Feel infinitely sexy and arouse passions? Everyone has a unique scent that attracts people of the opposite sex, but a morning shower or bath in a hot bath washes away this seductive scent after a busy day, but there is a little trick – perfume with pheromones or pheromone sprays that you can use with your favorite perfume or alone. Just a few drops of this seductive elixir on the skin and the opposite sex will lure you like honey bees. Attention and self-confidence are guaranteed. Remember that passions are aroused not only by touches, seductive images, but also by scents that awaken lust. Wholesale pheromones are medically tested preparations, so they do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergies. They can be used on exceptional occasions and, if desired, on a daily basis.

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