Premature ejaculation

Premature or early ejaculation is an unpleasant problem that men avoid talking about, and their women eventually begin to feel dissatisfied with sex. Delayers – special wholesale sprays, creams, lotions and other preparations that delay the man’s ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse – can help solve this problem. Sprays are used before sexual intercourse by lubricating or spraying the head of the penis, which becomes less sensitive and you can enjoy a long and passionate night. Means designed to delay the rapid eruption of male semen can also be used with a condom, they do not adversely affect latex. Our e-shop offers an extremely wide range of treatments for early ejaculation, so even the most discerning customer will be pleasantly surprised. We pay special attention to the quality of the products, therefore all delays are of high quality and original, checked by dermatologists and have the European Union inspection CE certificate, which testifies to high quality standards. Delayed online is more than an attractive price. We deliver all goods quickly and conveniently right to your door and guarantee complete confidentiality. Enjoy sex longer and give more pleasure to yourself and your partner.

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