General contract conditions

UAB Deimisa reserves the right to modify the commercial offer at any time on its website (modifications to prices, products, promotions, and other commercial and service conditions). These modifications will not affect in any case the purchases already made.

Close a contract with UAB Deimisa

To make a purchase, you must add the products that interest you in the “shopping cart” and follow the steps that are defined on the web. To close a sales contract with UAB Deimisa, you have to fill in the order form that we put at your disposal in electronic format and send it to us following all the steps.

From the order form you will be able to have access to the general conditions, privacy policy, price and description of the selected products, shipping methods and their costs.

The contract with UAB Deimisa it closes the moment we receive your order electronically and we verify both the veracity of all data and proof of payment.

Before sending your order, you are invited to read the general conditions and you can change your details if they are not correct. After sending your order electronically, a screen will appear informing you of the order number and that the order has been placed, we recommend that you print this screen in case the email that we issue automatically informing you of the confirmation of your order does not reach you and the number that corresponds to it. UAB Deimisa you can refrain from processing orders that do not have solvency guarantees, that are incomplete or in case the products are not available. In any of these cases, you will be notified by e-mail or by phone that the contract has not been closed, giving you the reasons why it could not be carried out. In the event that prior to detecting the problem, the order form has been transmitted and paid, a credit of the amount paid will be sent.

When you transmit the order form to us, you are accepting the general conditions, the privacy policy and all the contents of UAB Deimisa. If you have any questions or do not agree, do not transmit the form.


Forms of payment

Payment in advance by bank transfer.


You must indicate in “concept” of the bank transfer, the order number and the name and surname. It is recommended that you send us proof of payment with your personal data and the order number when you have made the bank transfer to

Payment by credit card

Visa, mastercard and american express have developed a system to make secure payments on the internet. The secure electronic commerce system is based on the card issuer (bank or savings bank) identifying the cardholder before authorizing payment online.

UAB Deimisa is adhered to this security protocol so, once you have selected the product to buy and entered your card number, a window of the issuer opens that asks for your identification, showing one of the following icons:

Your card details and your password are protected by this security system from the moment they are entered.

Once the identification is completed, the issuer notifies UAB Deimisa that the purchase is being made by the cardholder, so that he can complete the process. If the identification has not been satisfactory, the issuer communicates it to UAB Deimisa so that it can proceed accordingly.

This window is out of the control of UAB Deimisa, its issuer being the responsibility of any incident that may arise with it, and should contact said entity if it were to encounter this situation.

The cards accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, Euro card, Maestro and Euro-6000.

This system is totally confidential and the data cannot be seen by third parties.

Paypal; it is a fast and secure form of payment. It carries a management fee of 3,5% of the amount of your purchase with a minimum amount of € 0.90. The confirmation of the payment by paypal may take a few minutes to reach us, you can check it in your paypal account


Logistics agencies reception

UAB Deimisa has technological systems for scanning products and outputs with triple checking. UAB Deimisa it is not responsible for shipments received by damaged recipients, therefore the recipient has the obligation not to collect any shipment that has symptoms of having been manipulated by the logistics agency that may cause theft, theft or manipulation of the content. Deimisa guarantees a control of departures with packaging systems that allows the conversation of the article in perfect conditions for delivery.

An additional insurance where UAB Deimisa contracts with the logistics agency an extra to guarantee 100% of the value sent in case of breakage or loss (UAB Deimisa would make an immediate shipment to guarantee delivery within the estimated time) plus an extra charge in case the client is absent with more of 3 delivery attempts with notices, in the case of refunds it can be extended up to 5 delivery attempts with a maximum period of 15 days before being returned.


Shipping conditions

The cost of shipping will vary depending on the destination, weight and volume, you can consult the information related to logistics costs and delivery times here.

Extra charges are reserved for shipments issued by dhl air based on volume.

UAB Deimisa will send orders through the dpd courier agency in agreed delivery mode according to destination and chosen agency. Due to circumstances beyond the control of UAB Deimisa , will not be able to guarantee the delivery of the product if the agency does not fulfill its agreed delivery commitments, not being responsible in any case for delays due to non-compliance with delivery by transport agencies or customs problems. UAB Deimisa performs the intermediation service between the selling companies and the logistics agencies, guaranteeing a good general operation and processing the claim to the logistics agency in case of delay, communicating the resolution via email from the logistics agency.

However, the shipment can be tracked.

For orders by email or telephone, it will be essential to confirm the order in writing, via email (only telephone or email orders are accepted if in any case the website stops working and prior authorization)


For UAB Deimisa, our goal is satisfaction in product quality and logistics.



All the products that we offer on site   have a 2-year guarantee from the invoice date (certain brands reduce the guarantee to 1 year by specifying it in the product’s technical sheet). This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or normal wear and tear of the products.

The manipulation or variation of any product (wiring, soldering, opening base plates etc …) Will automatically void the warranty.

  • in no case will the guarantees cover the returns of gifts or gifts.
  • the deadline for claiming damages caused by transport is 15 calendar days from delivery.
  • in the case of products with app; the data you have stored on any device is not covered by the product warranty.
  • it is always convenient that you keep a backup copy of your documents, images and videos.
  • after 15 days from delivery, the transport costs derived from a warranty return as well as the new shipment will be borne by the customer.
  • to proceed with the guarantee it will be necessary to send the product with its original packaging.

UAB Deimisa, sells completely new items from the manufacturer through its distribution channel. They must be completely new in their packaging and, most of them, sealed. Keep in mind, however, that some manufacturers do not seal their items.


Return Policy

What is the deadline to make a return?

15 calendar days from delivery for products that you have received and do not want it.

2 years for products that do not work and you need the guarantee (see previous paragraph guarantees)

Who pays the shipping costs when making a return?

If the product is exchanged or returned because you do not like it or decline your purchase, the shipping costs must be paid by you.

If the product is damaged and you want the guarantee, the postage is assumed by UAB Deimisa, within a period of 15 days from the original delivery. If you have exceeded this period, the postage is paid by you.

How long does it take to pay me back?

As soon as your return package arrives, a maximum of 10 business days.

How do i get my money back?

You can request  to be credited to the bank account you specify.

Are there any items that i cannot return?

Yes, some products cannot be returned, they are personal hygiene products including lingerie articles, we accept returns as long as their hygiene has not been altered and they maintain the same conditions in which they were sent, if the product has been unsealed or has symptoms of having been tampered with, we will not accept the return. We always guarantee that the hygiene chain remains intact.