Skins condoms

Launched in 2006, Skins wholesale condoms quickly became popular not only in the UK but across Europe. Such popularity was due to the excellent price and quality of Skins condoms. The wholesale Skins condoms are made of very carefully selected high-quality thin latex, so that the man’s penis fits like a second skin and does not reduce pleasure. In addition, Skins condoms are distinguished by the fact that they do not have a particularly unpleasant and annoying latex odor. Carefully lubricate with a mild aromatic silicone lubricant that hides the smell of latex, and you can enjoy a passionate night. The silicone lubricant applied to the top-bottom Skins condoms provides more moisture compared to other water-based lubricants and better protects the condoms from tearing if misused. Skins condoms, sold in bulk online is a wide range where you can find different types of original condoms, complete confidentiality and great price, and for those who want to try more different types of Skins guards, we offer to buy a set of condoms. In our e-shop, Skins condoms are cheaper than other outlets because we get the products directly from the manufacturer, so we can offer better prices. Cheap Skins condoms – these are original and safe condoms for everyone’s needs!

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